Ivy Chen due to give birth soon

The actress remains as slim as ever, despite being eight months pregnant

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The Taiwanese remake of the 2009 Korean film, More Than Blue, was released earlier this month, and has since gone on to be a box office hit both in Taiwan and Singapore. Starring Taiwanese actors Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen, it has made more than TW$220 million (approximately S$9.82 million) in the box office. 

On Saturday (December 29), the cast and director made an appearance at an event celebrating the good results, with Ivy, who is eight months pregnant, making an appearance as well.

As this is the first time the 36-year-old has made an appearance to promote the film, the actress was inundated with questions from reporters. Although she is expected to give birth within the next few weeks, the actress' baby bump was barely visible in her dress and camouflage jacket outfit.

Sharing that her appetite has increased considerably since becoming pregnant, Ivy let on that she has only gained three kilograms, and that she has kept up with her exercise regime to stay in shape.

When asked about her expected due date, Ivy replied, “Truth be told, I can choose to give birth as early as next week. My actual due date is on February 1.”

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She also expressed her regrets for being unable to appear for most of the film’s promotional activities. She also jokingly ‘scolded’ Jasper for not promoting the film as well, saying, “I was thinking, ‘Jasper Liu, what are you playing at!’,”  she laughed.

Ivy registered her marriage with Taiwanese director Hsu Fu Hsiang in August this year after announcing that she was four months pregnant earlier in the same month.

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