Ivy Chen goes for a run, despite being 5 months pregnant

Worry not, the 35-year-old had received her doctor’s approval before setting off


Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen, who is known for being a basketball fan, recently uploaded a picture of her recent run in a park, despite being five months pregnant.

“My raincoat sure is multi-purpose, other than looking like a cape, it also is extremely eye-catching in the park, so, I decided to run a little to celebrate,” she wrote.

Her post was accompanied by a number of photos, with one showing the 35-year-old in an eye-catching red raincoat, grinning from ear to ear mid-run, with her baby bump showing prominently. The second picture showed Ivy’s run record, having run 5.5 kilometres in 37:25 minutes.


Although the actress did not overexert herself by setting a punishing pace for her run, her fans were still worried for her, leaving comments asking if it was alright for her to be running in her current state, and reminding her to take it slow, in order to protect her baby. 

In an earlier interview, Ivy had shared that she had confirmed with her gynaecologist that as long as she  does not feel unwell, ‘strenuous' activities like running, riding a motorbike, and even mountaineering, is fine.

Ivy registered her marriage to her Taiwanese director boyfriend, Hsu Fu Hsiang on August 17. The couple had announced that they were expecting a child a day earlier.

Photos: PBE Media

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