When we RSVP-ed to attend Korean singer-songwriter IU’s concert, we didn’t expect to be blown away by her. Not that we didn’t know that she’s an amazing singer - she’s proven that time and again with her powerful vocals. The 26-year-old is also Korea’s darling, and has consistently topped charts with every release.

It was only after attending her concert, the first of two sold-out shows at the Star Theatre last night (Dec 6), that we knew why. She endears herself to the audience with her honest musings, adorable giggle and solidarity with the dancers and band that she works with.

Close to the end of her four-hour show, she even took song requests from the audience, singing tunes that she remarked she hasn’t sung in years. During ‘The Night Of The First Break Up’, she even made her guitarist sweat a little as he shuffled frantically through his score sheets to look for the right piece. “Don’t worry, if you can’t find it we can just do without the instrumental,” she quipped. Thankfully, he managed to find it and the entire team pulled off the song perfectly.

Even when IU couldn’t bust out a high note despite two tries, her hearty chuckle into the mic before continuing with the rest of the song got the audience members going ‘aww’.

In between her amazing vocal performances (we’ve still got goosebumps after listening to her legendary three high notes from ‘Good Day’), she also took her time to give her Uaena (as her fans are collectively called) a little peek into her life.

“During my past concerts, even though everyone had a great time, there was always a tinge of sadness. Today, however, we were so happy and filled with love that there's no space for any sadness,“ she admitted. “Everyone feels down at times, right? We all have worries, and most of the time, we all worry about similar things.”

IU continued with a small smile, “When things get tough and you want to end it all, I hope you can remember our promise to meet here again next year. You can breathe slowly, and next year will come before you know it. You have to keep this promise, okay? I’ll keep it too.”

Although she didn’t specify what she was referring to, we couldn’t help but to wonder if this was her way of assuring fans that she will be alright despite having gone through a lot in the past two months.

Her good friends, Sulli and Goo Hara, passed away on October 14 and November 24 respectively, and many of IU’s fans have been concerned about how she's been coping, and her constant reminders to fans to take life one step at a time are small but powerful indications that she is dealing with the loss in her own way.

Needless to say, we were extremely touched by how she approached the topic, and the fact that she chose to speak about it on her own terms is proof of how much she intends to keep her promise to fans and come back even stronger and happier in 2020.

The second and final show of 2019 IU Love, Poem in Singapore takes place tonight (Dec 7) at The Star Theatre. Tickets are sold out.