Isabella Leong does not regret bearing 3 sons for ex Richard Li

Former actress Isabella Leong says “it’s all worth it” even though they parted ways in 2011

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It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

When Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong was 19 years old, she got together with Richard Li, then 40, also known as the son of Hong Kong’s richest man and billionaire Li Ka-shing, after they were introduced to each other on the set of The Mummy 3. They had three sons during their eight-year-long relationship and announced news of their separation in Feb 2011.

Throughout her years as his partner and after bearing him three sons, Richard’s reluctance to make an honest woman out of Isabella made headlines.

In a rare and one of Isabella’s first few media interviews on Who Can Who Up after announcing plans to return to showbiz this year, the actress opened up about her relationship with Richard and explained why she has no regrets about bearing him three sons.

As if making an indirect acknowledgement about what is oft-discussed about her ambiguous relationship with Richard, the actress said, in her opening introduction on the show, “I am Isabella Leong, who once made a choice and has no regrets about it.”

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Isabella, Richard and their first son.

The 30-year-old admitted that she became a mother at a much earlier-than-expected age, but added that it was all worthwhile because she had met a guy she loved. “To bear him a few children, I feel it is worth it,” she added.

However the composed actress was reduced to tears when the host and his panel of guests began their debate about cheating partners – and whether their behaviour should be tolerated, which was the show’s theme this week.  

She started tearing up when a guest opined that “when it comes to love [and a cheating spouse], you’d mind everything, but that is love and that’s what makes it beautiful.”

Isabella added, tears streaming down her face, “I think when you love someone, you should be invested and love to your heart’s content,” giving no further explanation for her breakdown except that the panel’s opinions resonated deeply within her.

In interviews after the show’s recording, Isabella revealed that she tried very hard to hold her emotions back, but the words and opinions shared by the panel of guests “pierced through my heart” and stirred up her emotions.

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