Is Yoyo Chen’s latest Weibo post targeting Jacqueline Wong?

Jacqueline was previously reported to be romantically involved with the actress’s husband

L-R: Vincent Wong and Jacqueline Wong, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen

Days after Hong Kong celebrities Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong’s cheating scandal broke, a slew of media reports revealing actress Jacqueline Wong’s rumoured dalliances with her fellow celebrities were released.

Among the male celebrities Jacqueline was rumoured to be romantically involved with was her With or Without You co-star, Hong Kong actor Vincent Wong. The duo had worked together for the 2015 drama, and a media outlet had gotten hold of a voice clip of their drama co-stars sharing that they had seen Vincent and Jacqueline holding hands on-set.

Other reports alleged that Vincent and his wife, Hong Kong actress Yoyo Chen were not on good terms at that time, and Jacqueline had taken advantage of that. The couple tied the knot in 2011, and have a daughter together.

Last year, reports emerged claiming that Vincent and Yoyo were contemplating divorce, and that Vincent had moved out of their family home. However, Yoyo later denied the reports.

On Sunday (April 21), Yoyo posted a cryptic message on her Facebook account. 

“Humans should look to the future, but the saying, ‘You should look back at everything (that has happened)’ is true as well. There are many instances where we need to look back at our past (actions). Look back more often, when looking back, (you can see) our starting point, learn a lesson from the mistakes of those who’ve gone before you, and experience the joy of (past) triumphs. Looking back, helps to organise one’s life experiences. Be more conscious of your actions in society, so that you’ll be able to see the road ahead of you clearer, further, and fuller,” she wrote.

Though she did not mention anyone by name in her post, many netizens feel that Yoyo is referring to Jacqueline, particularly with her last sentence. Earlier, the actress had also liked a post on Weibo referring to Jacqueline as the “mistress in a relationship”.

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