Is Yang Mi planning to fight for daughter’s custody?

She and fellow actor Hawick Lau announced that they have called it quits last month

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Former power couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announced that they have filed for divorce on December 22, and while they have refused to comment on details of their split, the internet has been set abuzz with rumours, including the possibility of a third party in their relationship.

The most recent report, which was published yesterday (January 1), claimed that Yang Mi posted an update to her friends circle, a function on instant messaging platform WeChat that is only visible to close friends whom  you choose to share certain content with.

In the screenshot that is making the rounds online, the user with the profile name Yang Mi writes, “During labour, the one who had trouble giving birth and had to deal with the pain so severe that I wanted to die was me. The one who hid ‘Little Glutinous Rice’ from the limelight was me. The one who went home in the middle of the night without the knowledge of the fans to be with ‘Little Glutinous Rice’ was me. The one who doesn’t talk about ‘Little Glutinous Rice’ outside so as to avoid having the spotlight on her was me.”

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She continued, “Please don’t come up with fabricated tales and talk about things that don’t exist in situations you know nothing about. Just because I didn’t post about her, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love her. Just because I work, it doesn’t mean that I’m working on all 365 days (in a year).”

After reading the passive-aggressive post, netizens are convinced that the actress is set on fighting for custody of her only child, nicknamed ‘Little Glutinous Rice’. However, others pointed out that this could be an impersonator as the writing style is too different from Yang Mi’s typical prose.

Yang Mi has yet to respond to queries about the authenticity of the post at press time.

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