Is Wang Leehom’s 4-year-old daughter a violin prodigy?

She taught herself to play a cover of her dad’s song without any help from others


A post made on August 27 by Chinese-American singer Wang Leehom’s wife, non-celebrity Lee Jinglei has become the talk of the town. According to Jinglei, her eldest daughter, 4-year-old Wang Jiali, has surprised her parents with her musical talent.

Jiali managed to teach herself how to play Leehom’s song, ‘Love A Little’ on the violin.

“There was no score, nor was there anyone teaching her. She (was able to) play the song just by listening to it. I was really surprised,” Jinglei recounted. After seeing Jinglei’s posts, netizens and fans alike began leaving comments, calling Jiali a violin prodigy.

Jinglei shared that she decided to begin learning the violin as well, explaining that it is the best way for her to understand the difficulties that Jiali might encounter while learning how to play the instrument in future.

Sharing a picture of her playing the violin together with Jiali, Jinglei mused, “Life sure is full of surprises. Before becoming a mother, I never thought that I’ll need to use my violin skills. Through this, I managed to have a different relationship with my daughter - that of fellow students.”

Leehom tied the knot with Jinglei in 2013, and welcomed their first daughter, Jiali the following year. Their second daughter, Wang Jiana was born two years later, in 2016. Their son, Wang Jiayao was born last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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