Earlier this week, unsuspecting onlookers might have mistaken Charles Heung’s 70th birthday for an awards ceremony. Well, more so than an actual awards show that was happening that night. Although TVB's annual Anniversary Awards was underway (congrats Joe Ma and Ali Lee!), it looked like most of Hongkong's biggest stars had flocked to Charles's big bash. So much so that Eric Tsang commented: "Of course, the birthday party was bigger than TVB's [bash]. I'm so happy to see everyone again. The last time there was a gathering like this was when Jackie Chan won an Oscar”.

The Hong Kong actor-turned-producer’s shindig was organised by his wife, Tiffany Chan, who is also a film producer as well as an investor. The couple owns China Star Entertainment Group, which is responsible for not just your favourite Hongkong films of the noughties, like Love on a Diet and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, but also has a part to play in Hollywood blockbusters like Armageddon

Charles and Tiffany’s work in the Hongkong film industry is legendary, having cultivated the careers of Asia’s biggest stars, like Andy Lau, Stephen Chow Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat. It’s said that almost every major star in Hongkong has done a movie with the Heungs…. Well, with the exception of... Jackie Chan.

And it seems showbiz runs through the family’s blood as their 34-year-old son Jacky (interesting choice of name...) is now a rising action star with a whopping 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 

Scroll down to see the stars, which included Kenny Bee, Ray Lui, Simon Yam and Qi Qi and Chingmy Yau, who showed up for the big bash.