Is there conflict between Cecilia Liu and her mother-in-law?

The actress reportedly flew back to Beijing after being unable to get along with her mother-in-law


In early May, reports alleged that Chinese actress Cecilia Liu was suffering from post-natal depression. Cecilia had given birth to her first child, a baby boy, in April, and was recuperating at a confinement centre when the reports first broke.

At the time, reports claimed that Cecilia and Nicky’s mother are not getting along with each other, which contributed to Cecilia’s post-natal depression.

Earlier this week, a new report surfaced, providing more details about Cecilia’s alleged conflict with her mother-in-law. Quoting an insider, the report shared that Nicky’s mother had consistently pressured Cecilia to give her a grandchild, stressing Cecilia out greatly. 

Cecilia spent most of her pregnancy and her entire confinement period in Taiwan. It was reported that Nicky had prepared a special VIP suite at a confinement centre for Cecilia to recuperate. Daily costs for the suite are said to start from NT$12,000 (approximately S$525).

However, this also meant that Cecilia had to spend more time with her mother-in-law. The insider then shared that the 32-year-old eventually couldn’t take the stress any longer, and has since returned to Beijing to seek comfort from her family.

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