Is Tavia Yeung pregnant with her first child?

She celebrated her third wedding anniversary with fellow actor Him Law on October 2


It’s been three years since celebrity couple Tavia Yeung and Him Law tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony. Since their marriage, fans and the media alike have been eagerly waiting for the couple to announce news of a pregnancy.

While the couple had initially shared that they had no plans to start a family after tying the knot, they seem to be singing a different tune now.

Earlier this year, Him shared that the couple is actively trying for a baby, revealing his desire to have twins.

Though there has been no confirmation from the lovebirds just yet, media outlets are already reporting that Tavia and Him’s efforts have succeeded, and that they are currently expecting their first child.


At an event appearance last week, Tavia’s older sister, Hong Kong actress Lenna Yeung was asked to verify if Tavia was indeed pregnant. However, she evaded the question with, “I didn’t ask her about this. (The media) should be more well-informed than me. Please let me know if you hear something from her."

In related news, Tavia and Him celebrated their third wedding anniversary on October 2, with Tavia posting pictures of them on Instagram.

“No need for romantic pictures… No elaborate dinner… No gorgeous flowers…No mysterious present… But there’s love within our hearts. When there’s cloudy days, there will be sunny days as well. On this anniversary, wishing love and happiness unto everyone. Hubby, happy third anniversary! I love you more than yesterday. how much we have, and whatever we’re pursuing, if we don’t have love, we’re nothing. You have it tough at work, jia you! (sic)” she wrote.

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