Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui, who’s currently on holiday in Europe with her businessman husband, Tony Chia, recently announced that she is pregnant with her third child, nicknamed "Olie".

The 37-year-old had flown to London at the end of August for a fashion shoot for her self-designed clothing line’s Fall/Winter collection. After concluding her work schedules, Sonia met up with her husband, heading off to northern Europe for a couple’s holiday.

Yesterday, Sonia uploaded a couple of holiday snaps on her Instagram account, sharing that she was six months pregnant when the pictures were taken, to the surprise of her fans.

In the pictures, Sonia looks as svelte as ever, decked out in skinny jeans and tight skirts, with no baby bump in sight. Her enviable figure left fans and netizens alike expressing their envy at her slim figure, with some sharing that the model-actress did not look like she had a bun in the oven at all.

Sonia also let on that the couple will be returning to Taiwan sometime next week, thanking everyone for their well wishes and congratulations.

Sonia and Tony tied the knot in January 2015, and welcomed their oldest child, Max, in September the same year. Their daughter, Lucy, was born in February last year.

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Photos: PBE Media

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