Is Shu Qi And Stephen Fung’s Marriage On The Rocks?

The actress appears to have dropped multiple hints about trouble in paradise.

Barely a year into their marriage, actress Shu Qi, 41, and actor-director Stephen Fung, 42, have reportedly called it splits, according to a Hongkong tabloid.

Apple Daily reported on Friday (July 7) that the pair are now living apart and had drawn up divorce papers. It also said that their living habits caused friction between them and that Shu Qi was disappointed with married life. According to the source, a close pal of Shu Qi, who referred to the actress as “Kiki”, Stephen loves Shu Qi very much but frequently lost his temper at her due to work pressure. It also claimed that Stephen was always working, and once, did not return home for many days, reducing Shu Qi to tears.

The source added that for the past two months, Stephen had been busy working on his upcoming blockbuster film, The Adventurers, starring Andy Lau and Shu Qi. Not only had he neglected Shu Qi due to his hectic schedule, he also took his work stress out on her. No wonder Shu Qi took to her Instagram on June 13 to complain. “Don’t vent your emotions on others! Even if it's your family member, no one should be your punching bag,” she wrote, hinting that there was trouble in paradise. A day later, she followed up with another post: “Some things are easier said than done. But, if it’s something that repeatedly makes you unhappy, then you should spilt up.” These posts sparked concerns among netizens that her marriage had hit a bump in the road. Thereafter, Shu Qi clarified that her previous post was inspired by a book and had nothing to do with her own life. “Stop kicking up a fuss,” she wrote.

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Are netizens, like what the actress said, making much ado about nothing? Or is there no smoke without fire? After all, those weren’t the only instances of the actress venting on her social media. Earlier in February, Shu Qi had written on her Instagram, “A beautiful relationship can be maintained for a long time, only when there’s mutual respect, give-and-take and tolerance... But there’s a limit to how much one can tolerate!” 

Living habits aside, it also seems that the pair have very different priorities. Post-marriage, Shu Qi announced her baby-making plans, and had even considered retiring to have kids. To do so, she allegedly quit her 20-year-long smoking addiction and shelved all work plans after wrapping up her hubby-directed film The Adventurers. However, it seems that Shu Qi will have to wait for now as Stephen, whose career has taken a sudden turn for the better of late, has been working overseas a lot. The couple reportedly spend more time apart than together.

Shu Qi and Stephen first met in 1997 on the set of romance flick Beauty. They were close friends for 20 years and dated for four years before tying the knot last September in a flash marriage. However, according to the source, Shu Qi now feels that she and Stephen are better off as friends than lovers, and decided to get a divorce. Her marital woes have reportedly aggravated her skin problems, and in order not to worsen things, she had decided to live apart from Stephen since the end of June. Additionally, she didn't show up at the Shanghai International Film Festival to promote her hubby’s upcoming film, The Adventurers, in which she is the lead actress. Shu Qi's close pal, Anita Yuen, has slammed the divorce reports on her Facebook. “It’s fake! Last week, I met a good hubby who bought take-away for his beautiful wife.” Shu Qi herself has also refuted those claims, saying, “I can't be bothered to respond to a newspaper that only knows how to create rumours.” 

The actress did, however, take to Instagram again to respond to those rumours. She posted a picture of her cat, captioning it: “Who is Kiki? That’s not my mum’s name! Isn’t her name Honey? But I know that Kiki is the name of a bread, and the name of a restaurant which serves very delicious food.” She followed that with another post of her holding a drink with the label Kiki on it and wrote: “This is Kiki.” And then a third post of her with a bowl of noodles and a drink, captioning it: “The noodles is [from] Kiki, the juice is [from] Kiki, the chopsticks are [from] Kiki. Only I’m not called Kiki.”

shu qi cat

shu qi kiki

Nope, she's not kitty-ing, or kiki-ing, around. 

Photos: Shu Qi's Instagram (@sqwhat)


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