Is Selina Jen in a relationship?

The S.H.E member's manager has neither denied nor confirmed the speculations


Will Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen and her Meeting Mr Right co-star Taiwanese actor Derek Chang be the next Christy Chung and Shawn Zhang?

Netizens sure seem to think so, especially after Selina and Derek have been singing praises of each other with long messages dedicated to the other party, which were posted online on their respective accounts.

Meeting Mr Right features its female guests going on dates, while their fathers comment on their partners in a studio while watching a video feed.

Selina and Derek were paired up with each other on the show, with Selina’s S.H.E member, Taiwanese singer-actress Hebe Tien professing that she’s “a big fan” of the show.

After filming wrapped, Selina took to her social media to express her thanks to Derek.


“This truly has been a romantic journey. Thank you for meticulously planning every meeting, thank you for always putting my feelings first, thank you for remembering my favourite food, thank you once again for being willing to try all types of food with me, thank you for bringing me to your secret hideout, thank you for drinking grape juice vinegar with me during every meal, thank you for opening your heart to me and chatting about everything under the sun, thank you for always saying that I look good whenever I asked if I look bloated, thank you for helping me discover the romantic side of me, thank you for letting me like the current me, thank you for appearing in my life, thank you, Derek Chang,” Selina wrote.

Soon after, Derek reposted Selina’s message, and added a few words of his own.

“My heart feels warm just looking at these photographs. This journey and experience has been extremely complicated. All kinds of things that are beyond my imagination happened. The good thing is, this journey happened at the right time. As long as you’re happy, it’s all worth it. Also, you’re welcome, Selina Jen,” he wrote.

The duo’s posts incited a flurry of discussion online, with Selina’s manager later issuing a short statement when asked about Selina and Derek’s relationship. In their statement, Selina’s manager thanked everyone for their concern, and shared that the duo had interacted naturally during their time spent on the programme, neither denying nor confirming the speculations.

Photos: PBE Media

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