Is Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui's relationship on the mend?

Netizens speculate that the couple going back to their old habits could be a good sign


Could Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui's relationship be on the mend?

After the news of his affair with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong was made public in April this year, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui has kept a low profile, eschewing the limelight.

Andy’s wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, who has since forgiven him, has continued on with her work schedules, forging ahead in preparation for her concert in July. The gym junkie often updates her Instagram account with pictures and videos of her daily workout.

Previously, Sammi often hit the gym together with Andy as the pair encouraged each other during their workouts. Jacqueline, who went to the same gym as the couple, was occasionally featured on Sammi’s Instagram as well. 


Following the news of Andy’s affair with Jacqueline, netizens dug up an old post by Sammi, which showed her at the gym with Jacqueline, whom Sammi referred to as her “baby”.

Last Thursday (June 20), Sammi uploaded a short clip of her at the gym on her Instagram Stories. Eagle-eyed netizens soon caught sight of a man clad in white in the reflection of the glass panel behind her.

Many of them shared that the man appeared to be Andy, which was the first time the couple has been spotted ‘together' since April. However, some also shared that the man reflected in the glass panel might have been Sammi’s personal trainer.

Neither Sammi nor Andy has commented on the speculations, which has only fueled the online debate further.


Photos: PBE Media, Andy Hui/Instagram

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