Is Moka Fang expecting a baby boy?

Netizens reckon that the cakes in the model’s recent update contain a hint


Celebrity couple Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang are expecting their second child, who’s due to enter the world in May this year.

However, the couple, who has a baby daughter together, has yet to reveal the gender of their second child. As a result, netizens have been scouring Moka’s latest updates and posts on social media in the hopes of deducing the gender of her second child.

Recently, the 31-year-old attended the party of one of her friends, who is expecting as well. In the pictures posted online, the two pals posed behind a gorgeous dessert table, which featured two cakes: one white, and the other baby blue.

As there were no pink desserts placed on the table, a couple of netizens surmised that Moka must be expecting a baby boy this time. However, their comments drew a number of replies, with some criticising them for reading too much into the picture. Some also raised the possibility that the cakes on the table were for Moka’s friend, as she might be the one expecting a boy.

Aaron and Moka tied the knot two years ago and welcomed their daughter, Chantelle, soon after.

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