Jay Chou released a new song called ‘Won’t Cry’ with Mayday’s Ashin earlier this week, and the music video racked up an impressive 10 million views on YouTube in just two days.

During a press conference to promote a new music video in Taipei yesterday (Sep 19), Jam Hsiao was asked if he is jealous that he wasn’t invited to join the collaboration. The Taiwanese singer, who is also good friends with Jay, laughed and quipped, “He wouldn’t dare to sing with me!”

It was said that Jay told Ashin to go to the studio to record the song at the last minute on the day of the Golden Melody Awards. When asked if he would have agreed to the sudden request, Jam said, “They definitely planned it in advance; they were probably just joking when they said that! I would have agreed to such a last-minute invitation if we were just playing music, but Jay would not dare to discuss music with me!”

Jam demonstrated his close friendship with Jay again when he talked about attending Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden’s wedding in Italy last week. When asked if he had fun in Italy, Jam caused everyone in the audience to burst into laughter when he exclaimed, “How could Italy be more fun than Jay Chou?”

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Jay Chou

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