Is Jacqueline Wong getting ready for a showbiz comeback?

The television broadcasters in Hong Kong seem to be testing the waters for the actress’s return


Ever since her cheating scandal with married Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Hui, Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong (who was dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma at the time of the scandal) has been essentially blacklisted in the industry.

Apart from an increased focus on her personal and private life, upcoming dramas featuring Jacqueline have been shelved indefinitely. For the drama Forensic Heroes IV, the television studios took things a step further, replacing Jacqueline with Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong, and reshooting her scenes entirely.


However, avid viewers of TVB have realised that a particular late-night repeat telecast of the infotainment show, Own Sweet Home, recently aired an old episode that featured Jacqueline as a guest. As the actress had been all but wiped out from television screens in recent months, some wondered if this meant that the 30-year-old might be making her showbiz comeback soon, or if it was merely an oversight on the broadcaster’s side.

TVB executive Virginia Lok previously spoke to the media, sharing that it was Jacqueline’s decision to temporarily stop all her activities as a public figure.

Jacqueline was last seen at the airport in Los Angeles in late April, where she is reportedly based now. 

Photos: PBE Media

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