Is Jacqueline Wong finally returning to work after her cheating scandal?

A television drama filmed before the actress’s cheating scandal is set to premiere next month


It looks like the storm clouds might be lifting for Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong, who was caught up in a cheating scandal with married Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Hui earlier this year.

In order to escape the increasing media scrutiny in the aftermath of the scandal, Jacqueline flew overseas, after applying for long-term leave from her management agency, broadcasting company TVB.

All upcoming productions featuring the disgraced actress were shelved indefinitely as well, with the much-anticipated Forensic Heroes IV editing Jacqueline out entirely by replacing all of her scenes with Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong.

However, it seems that TVB might be lifting the ‘broadcast ban’ that they had placed on Jacqueline following the scandal.


According to Hong Kong reports, the drama Finding Her Voice, which features Jacqueline, has been selected as one of the company’s anniversary dramas, and will debut on October 7. It was initially reported that Hong Kong actress Kaman Kong would be replacing Jacqueline for her role in Finding Her Voice, however, this fell through due to scheduling conflicts. A producer for the drama later confirmed that Jacqueline’s scenes will be aired.

The news was met with mixed reactions from netizens, with some declaring that they will “boycott the drama”, while others were more interested in speculating if Jacqueline will be returning to Hong Kong to promote the drama before it premieres.

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