Is Jackie Chan’s daughter missing?

Etta Ng, who has a turbulent relationship with her mother, has “disappeared off the face of the earth”

etta ng missing

Jackie Chan’s daughter, Etta Ng, has constantly made headlines – sometimes for the wrong reasons. She was previously said to have stolen items worth almost S$30,000 from her mother, Elaine Ng’s home, but reconciled with her mother shortly after.

This time around, Etta is suspected to have gone missing, with reports stating that not only have her social media accounts been inactive since November, but Elaine has also been unable to contact her daughter for months.

The 18-year-old is believed to have moved out after her previous clash with her mother, but still kept in contact from time to time. On the other hand, Etta’s girlfriend, Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn, who last posted a photo of herself with Etta in October, has constantly kept her Instagram updated, but has not shown any glimpse of her girlfriend.

Sources close to Etta also claim that the teenager has not been responsive on her instant messaging accounts, which has led many to be concerned for her well-being. They further claimed that Elaine has since reported her daughter as missing, and that the police are currently trying to find her.

However, when contacted, Elaine only told the media “not to overthink things”, and emphasised that she trusts Etta’s friends. When asked if she has gone to the police, she only said that “mutual trust is important”, but steered clear from addressing the topic directly.

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