Sean Lau, Nick Cheung, Karena Lam, Anita Yuen and more attended the premiere of their new film Integrity in Hong Kong on January 30.

Nick said that he felt very happy to finally be back in Hong Kong. "I hate staying in hotels - it’s so good to be able to sleep at home!" he said, while Karena expressed that she is looking forward to watching the whole film.

Some of the scenes were shot at Canberra Airport in Australia. Nick and Karena revealed that they filmed on a boarding bridge for the very first time. "The crew worked really hard for that!" they said. Sean, on the other hand, quipped that his character was the most relaxed as he just needs to solve cases with Alex Fong in an office.

As Integrity is a serious crime film that revolves around a smuggling case, the cast was asked if they think it might not be a good time to release it during the Lunar New Year festive season. Sean said, "People like to have a wider range of choices now. A New Year film does not necessarily have to be a comedy." Anita agreed, saying, "I made a good choice agreeing to be part of this wonderful film."

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