Is Gillian Chung pregnant?

Her recent weight gain has netizens guessing that there’s a baby on the way

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Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung and her Taiwanese doctor husband Michael Lai’s every move has been in the spotlight since the pair tied the knot last December.

Speculation about their relationship breaking down after half a year of marriage emerged last month, and Gillian, who turned 38 in January, has also been constantly asked about her plans to start a family.

However, that has done nothing to stop netizens from hoping for good news from the couple, especially after photos of her at a recent event in Hengdian emerged. Gillian, who looked noticeably chubbier than before, was seen wearing a flowy dress that netizens pointed out could easily hide a baby bump.

In addition, the singer-actress had to be helped up the stairs by an assistant during the event, which further fuelled the speculation. Even when she was walking on flat ground, Gillian was constantly watched over by staff members, which netizens found unusual.

While some criticised her for not maintaining her weight, others pointed out that putting on or shedding a couple of pounds from time to time was only normal.

Gillian’s manager has stepped forward to address the rumours, saying that the star “has just put on weight. Gillian really isn’t pregnant, and I’ll ask her to lose weight.” This statement has been met with skepticism from netizens, who pointed out that “time will tell” if the singer has a bun in the oven.

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