Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung tied the knot with her doctor boyfriend, Michael Lai in May this year. Since then, the 37-year-old has been vocal about her desire to start a new family. Though she admitted that her body was weak, and that she needed to “nurse it back to health”, Gillian shared that she wishes to start a family within the next two years.

Currently on vacation together in England, Gillian recently uploaded her Instagram with some shots of herself with Michael. Apart from thanking him for accompanying her on this vacation, the singer-actress added a hashtag with the words, “Mum and Dad preschool”.

The addition of the hashtag caught the eye of fans, many of whom interpreted it to mean that the 37-year-old is currently expecting a child and left messages of congratulations.

However, Gillian soon added a short note, sharing that “Mum and Dad preschool” was the name of a reality show, denying that she was expecting.

Gillian and Michael held a intimate wedding ceremony with friends and family present in Los Angeles earlier in May. However, the lovebirds are not legally married yet, and are currently planning for a banquet in Taipei in September, followed by another in Hong Kong in December.

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Photos: PBE Media

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