Is Gao Yuanyuan pregnant?

The actress seemed to have gained weight in a recent video


Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan tied the knot with Taiwanese-Canadian actor-model Mark Chao five years ago. Since then, the actress has cut back on acting projects, choosing to appear in endorsement advertisements instead. 

However, she has since explained that one of the main reasons for this was due to the fact that she wants to take care of and spend time with her parents, and focus on her family.

Recently, she filmed a promotional video, in which she appeared with shorter hair and in light makeup. In the video, the actress is seated on a sofa, with only her face and shoulders in frame.

Fans noted that the 39-year-old looked to have gained weight, and began speculating if the actress was pregnant with her first child. Some also wondered if the reason for the close-up shot of Yuanyuan in the promotional video was to hide her baby bump.

Photos: PBE Media

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