Is Fan Bingbing leaving her showbiz career behind?

The actress seems to have set her sight on a different type of comeback


With her tax evasion scandal behind her, all eyes are on Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, eager to see what her next move will be. 

Many contradicting reports have popped out, with some claiming that the 37-year-old will be retiring from the entertainment industry, and tying the knot with her fiancé, Chinese actor Li Chen. On the other hand, other reports have quoted insiders who’ve stated that Bingbing is ready to make her grand comeback any time soon.

Recently, Bingbing was spotted at a newly opened beauty salon, with reports alleging that the lady boss of the salon is none other than the actress herself.


The salon's opening on Tuesday (March 26) saw celebrities like Li Chen, as well as Bingbing’s younger brother, Chinese singer Fan Chengcheng and Taiwanese actress Janine Chang in attendance.

Bingbing, who has always had an interest in the beauty industry, had previously been photographed heading to Taiwan multiple times with Li Chen to visit a similar beauty salon. 

When she headed over to Taiwan in April last year for a press event, it was also reported that she had visited a Taiwanese beauty product manufacturer whilst in the area. It was said that Bingbing was so taken by the manufacturer that she had agreed to invest in them.

This has raised concerns that she is retiring from showbiz and focusing her attentions on other areas instead. Bingbing has yet to comment on the speculation at press time.


Photos: PBE Media

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