Is Dilraba Dilmurat leaving Yang Mi’s management agency?

A cryptic message posted by the agency’s vice president has invited much speculation from fans.


A cryptic message that was recently posted by the vice president of Chinese management agency Jaywalk Studios has invited much speculation from fans.

Jaywalk Studios counts a number of high-profile celebrities in its roster, including Chinese actresses Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat. Yang Mi is also one of the owners of the management agency, which was founded in 2013.

Although the message was made visible only to those in the vice president's circle of friends on Weibo, a screenshot of the post has been making the rounds online.

The post insinuated that an artiste is planning to leave the agency, an act which the vice president viewed as a betrayal, writing, “We’ve invested heavily (in you) over the years in order for you to achieve your dreams, and treated you well. In the end, it was all for naught. I believe that the selfish will never have a (good) future.”

Netizens then began speculating that the artiste in question could either be Yang Mi or Dilraba, with many fans leaving congratulatory messages under the actresses’ Weibo posts.

According to reports, fans have been dissatisfied with Jaywalk Studio’s management of the actresses. Dilraba once shared that she has little say when it comes to selecting her drama projects, with Jaywalk making major decisions on her behalf. The amount of dramas she has shot this year has reduced drastically as well, with fans denouncing Jaywalk for not dedicating enough resources for Dilraba.

Similarly, although Yang Mi is often billed as one of the bosses in charge of Jaywalk Studios, she actually does not have much say in the company’s management, as she is only a minority shareholder. Fans are reportedly displeased with the company for often pushing Yang Mi to star in Jaywalk’s self-produced dramas, which were not well-received by the public.

However, the vice president later stepped forward to deny the speculations with another Weibo post.

“To address everything, (I was not referring to) Yang Mi or Dilraba. The reason the two of them were able to become who they are today is due to the fact that they are far-sighted (and understand what is best for them),” he wrote.

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