Is Cherrie Ying expecting?

Cherrie Ying’s latest hoodie OOTD seem to suggest she’s pregnant, say netizens

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Is Jordan Chan’s wish of giving Jasper a baby sister coming true?

Sharp-eyed netizens seem to think so, based on Jordan’s wife, Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying’s recent pictures on Instagram. The 36-year-old wore matching hoodies with fellow celeb pal and Hong Kong singer-actress Stephy Tang to help promote the latter’s latest fashion line.

“This is an advertisement… without fees… [And] I didn’t even receive a hoodie [for it],” she wrote in jest.

Apart from Cherrie’s bare and slightly swollen face, her fuller figure also caught the attention of netizens who hurriedly left comments asking if she’s pregnant again and if Jasper is going to be an older brother soon.

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Cherrie and Jordan have been very vocal about their desires to expand their family during their stint on Where Are We Going Dad?

Jordan’s paternal instincts kicked in after he interacted with Will Liu’s daughter ‘Little Puff’. In his interviews for the show, the singer-actor shared that he and his wife are trying for a second child and to hope to have a baby girl.

Jordan and Cherrie married in 2010 and welcomed their first child, Jasper, in 2014.

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Cherrie Ying is determined to have a second child
Cherrie Ying wants to have a second child with Jordan Chan


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