Is Chen Bolin’s latest post a response to the Burning Sun scandal?

The Taiwanese actor had hung out at the night club previously


Following the eruption of the South Korean nightclub Burning Sun’s scandal, South Korean celebrities Seungri and Jung Joon Young have been ensnared in the resulting controversy, with allegations of violating anti-prostitution laws, filming hidden camera footage and more.

Since then, the spotlight has been cast on the duo’s celebrity friends, with many suspected of having knowledge of, or even partaking in, the duo’s law-breaking ways.

As a result, Taiwanese actors Kai Ko, Darren Wang and Chen Bolin, who had visited the nightclub previously during their visits to the country, have been named in a number of reports by Taiwanese media as ‘suspects' as well.

Yesterday (March 17), Chen Bolin posted a picture on his personal Instagram account, with the English caption, "Embrace kindness. Forgive ignorance. A beautiful world with irresponsible comments”.

Many believe that this post is an indirect way for the actor to declare that he has nothing to do with the ongoing scandal. 

In other related news, Darren Wang has also issued a statement denying knowledge of the inner workings of the nightclub, nor any involvement in the scandal.

Photos: PBE Media

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