Is a Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu reunion on the horizon?

The former couple broke up in 2010


After Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong’s affair with married Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui was revealed to the public, the spotlight has been focused on Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma’s love life. Kenneth had been in a relationship with Jacqueline for four years, and the couple was thinking of marriage marriage would be the next step before the scandal broke.

Since then, Kenneth has shared that he has forgiven Jacqueline, though he did not confirm nor deny if he was still in a relationship with her. 

On Tuesday (June 25), reports emerged claiming that TVB intends to pair up Kenneth and his ex-girlfriend, Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu in an upcoming drama. The former couple last worked together on the period drama, Deep in the Realm of Conscience last year.

Since their breakup in 2010, they have been cordial to one another, but made sure to keep a distance from each other during the filming.

Netizens remarked that this could be the perfect timing for the duo to get back together, as they would likely be spending a lot of time together at work.

Nancy, who ended her last relationship three years ago, is currently single. As a result, many fans are hoping for the duo to rekindle their romance. When reached for a comment, Nancy replied, “Thank you for your concern regarding my work. I have a project that has yet to start filming. As of now, I have not received any updates.”

Photos: PBE Media

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