Introducing ‘Toggle Dailies’, your new daily dose of entertainment

From old folks trying new trends to Pornsak and Lee Teng dishing out useful tips for life and work, there’s something for everyone


Starting this week, brand new Toggle Originals production Toggle Dailies will serve up a fresh batch of entertaining clips spanning a wide range of topics every Monday to Friday.

On Mondays, we have high-spirited hosts Pornsak and Lee Teng in their very own talk show, PornTeng No More!, which tackles a range of difficulties in one’s work and social life. Issues that will be looked at include dealing with difficult bosses, those awkward few seconds (that feel like an eternity) in an elevator, and ways to ask a friend to pay you back the money they owe you. Very useful stuff indeed.

Tuesdays feature elderly folks trying their hand at various trends, gadgets, and technologies such as popular video app TikTok, grocery and food delivery service Honestbee, and rhythm game Just Dance (sometimes their grandkids join in as well!). This series, titled Seniors Hype It, aims to challenge the stereotype that the older generation are technophobic and afraid of change.

Actress Kate Pang, getai singer Ke Le, and Elliot Tan, co-founder of YouTube channel TreePotatoes, take over the reins every Wednesday to explore the quirky - and sometimes confusing - nuances of Singapore Mandarin and English, millennial slang terms, and Internet expressions in Says Who. For instance: what are the differences between English in Singapore and in the United States or United Kingdom? And what are some trending ways to describe people in Chinese?

Thursdays are for those who’ve always wondered if odd-sounding life hacks and gimmicky-seeming products actually work, but have never gotten to try them out for themselves. Can toothpaste really be used to fix the cracks on a mobile phone? Does ketchup really clean up tarnished pots? And is a “pizza slicer fork” really necessary? Can You Hack It? aims to find out for you.

And last but not least, host Royce Lee and his Left Profile boss Michelle Chong command the Friday spot as the latter presents her take on local social issues in a light-hearted and hilarious manner as a sassy entertainment journalist who has been forcibly transferred to the current affairs department. Gong Jiao Wei Talk Time (Gong Jiao Wei is the name of Michelle’s character) explores matters such as school streaming changes and Singaporeans’ dressing styles.

Watch Episode 1 of PornTeng No More! here:

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