Jay Chou attended the grand opening of a hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong on April 5. He had specially made the trip to support his friend, and revealed the reason why he likes eating hot pot: "I can control the amount of time my food is cooked - Nicholas Tse isn't the only person who knows how to cook!"

The event organisers specially prepared a cup of bubble tea for the Taiwanese singer, a well-known fan of the beverage. He said that he had already drank one backstage, but it was not sweet enough for him. "I like sweet things, so that's why it's easy for me to put on weight," he quipped.

Jay, who launched his own Instagram account in mid-2017, admitted that he is not as solitary as before he joined the social media platform. "I've been able to make more friends and understand more about their personalities," he shared. "For instance, [Mayday's] Ashin is very particular about neatness, while Jam Hsiao likes to post a lot of pointless things, which I like to make fun of!"

When asked when he plans to hold a concert in Hong Kong, Jay hinted that there may be one at the end of the year, after the release of a new album.

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