Ian Fang turns restaurateur in new business venture

The actor-rapper joins hands with two longtime friends and has plans to open a club in Singapore later this year

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Remember when Ian Fang launched his clothing line, First Attempt, back in 2013? The busy bee hasn’t been actively pushing out as many products these days – and with good reason. Not only is he busy with filming dramas (Hello Miss Driver and All Is Well are two of the projects that he’s been working on), he’s also officially become a restaurateur with his latest business venture.

Speaking to Toggle over the phone, Ian – or should we say, towkay Fang – explained, “It’s not just the restaurant. I just joined Evergreen Food Holdings as a shareholder. It’s a lifestyle group and I’m a partner focusing on marketing. Our first investment is the restaurant House of MU, but we’ll be opening a club in Singapore as well.”

With plenty of paperwork to deal with, Ian shared that although an exact opening date hasn’t been confirmed yet, it should be happening later this year. Apart from their ventures in Singapore, they will also be launching an Asian food street in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

“When people think of Ian Fang, they’ll think of an actor and a rapper and I think clubs go quite well with that,” the 29-year-old chuckled. “It’s just like how you can imagine me with a bottle of whiskey in hand, but not a cup of tea. I’d say that I’m more suited for the former, which is probably the reason why my friends asked me to join them.”

Speaking of his friends, Ian let on that his partners, David Yong and Joel Low, are friends that he’s known for two and four years respectively.

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(L-R: David Yong, Joel Low, Ian Fang)

“We’re about the same age, and we’ve known each other for some time so we have a certain level of trust in one another. All three of us are very hardworking and we have the same mindset, which is part of the reason why we’re working together,” he said. “The two of them opened House of MU last year, and I joined them after they spoke to me about this business idea of theirs.”

After close to a year of being in business, House of MU, which is located along the bustling Mohammad Sultan Road, pulls a steady dinner crowd.

“I don’t have to worry about business at night because we always have a full house,” the actor said. “It’s the lunch crowd that I’m currently trying to work on, and that’s my responsibility as the marketing director to be able to find a solution to.”

In the coming days, you’ll also likely be seeing Ian’s celeb pals paying the restaurant a visit. “I didn’t tell anyone about this beforehand because I wanted everything to be settled properly before I said it. I won’t be holding a huge party; rather, I’ll be inviting them in smaller groups,” he shared.

For fans who are keen on trying out the European cuisine that House of MU has to offer, Ian recommends the beef platter, chicken breast linguine and mushroom burger, although, as every good boss would, he declared that everything their chef whips up is delicious.

Being busy is something Ian shared that he is thankful for, he admitted as he mused, “I may be busy, but this is something I feel that I can only do while I’m still young. Mainly, I’m doing this for my mum because she had such a hard time raising me that I hope that I can give her a better life from now on.”

He continued, “She’s still working in Singapore, and I want her to be able to retire and go back to Shanghai to spend time with my grandma, but at the same time, she might get bored if she does that. I’m not quite at that stage yet, so I’ll have this talk with her when the time comes.”

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