Hyun Bin brought his LOG INTO THE SPACE fan meeting tour (his first since 2013) to Taipei on April 20.

Dressed in a white suit, the South Korean heartthrob opened the fan meeting with a performance of 'Is You', a song from the soundtrack of his latest hit drama Memories of the Alhambra. He then re-enacted romantic scenes from his past shows such as My Lovely Sam Soon and Secret Garden with one very lucky fan.

Besides that, there was a segment where the actor fulfilled different requests by audience members. Their wishes ranged from taking a photo with him or getting a hug from him, to wanting to hear a rendition of 'That Man'.

One of the requests came from a 7-year-old girl, to whom he joked, "Do you really know who I am? I don't think you're my fan, because you don't dare to look me in the eye!"

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