Huang Xiaoming will take legal action against claims he is divorcing Angelababy

The Chinese actor has had enough of the rumour mongering

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Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming has had enough of reports that he and Angelababy are headed for splitsville, as a recent report claiming that the pair is about to go public with their divorce spread like wildfire online.

Angelababy’s work studio first issued a short statement in response to the reports, saying they are “too fake (to be true)”, and all eyes were on Xiaoming to see if he would address the issue.

Yesterday (July 3), the actor issued a stern warning through his agency, which maintained that the speculation of them getting a divorce is completely baseless. He added, “I’ll send a lawyer’s letter (to whoever does this) in future.”

In addition, he also responded to a netizen’s comment that read, “I like you and (Angela)baby” with “I like her too”.

The couple has been plagued with multiple rounds of divorce rumours since tying the knot in 2015. This most recent round of rumours started after Angelababy was accused of having an affair with Chinese actor Deng Lun, a claim that was quickly denied by his work studio.

Angelababy has previously declared that the speculations do not affect her as long as they do not drag her son, nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’, into it.

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