Huang Xiaoming was “afraid to leave his house” after being repeatedly criticised by television viewers

The actor has had a tough time on ‘Chinese Restaurant 3’.


Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming’s time on the Chinese reality show, Chinese Restaurant 3, has been a harrowing experience for him.

On the show, celebrity guests are featured coming together to cook and manage a Chinese restaurant. Previously, the cast had been criticised for their poor English when trying to come up with a translated menu for the dishes they will be serving. At that time, the brunt of the criticism went to Xiaoming, as he was the head of the restaurant.

Apart from that, netizens and viewers of the show found Xiaoming too domineering during discussions with the rest of the cast members. Many left comments lambasting Xiaoming for refusing to listen to the opinions of the cast and for being overbearing. 

Later, other netizens, who were scrutinising Xiaoming’s every move on the show, started spreading screenshots of the actor in one episode, speculating that the 41-year-old might be balding.


Then, in one of the newer episodes, a table of guests found that a dish they ordered had not been served to them. Xiaoming apologised to the guests, explaining that the kitchen had mistakenly thrown away the order chit for that particular dish. 

However, during a discussion with the rest of the cast at the end of the day, the kitchen crew denied throwing the order chit away. It was ultimately concluded that it must have been Xiaoming himself who had thrown away the order chit. Xiaoming also apologised for the error.

But the producers continued to investigate, and shared in the latest episode that the person who had thrown away the order chit was actually the chef on the show. Thus, Xiaoming had been blamed for an error he did not commit.


In an interview, Xiaoming shared that he was not angry at the mistake. “I don’t feel wronged because in my opinion, in the process of working hard, one will inevitably come across many setbacks, escalations, failures, misunderstandings, and mockeries. All these aren’t important - what’s important is the result,” he said.

He also addressed the criticism he has had to face thus far, revealing that he was “a little” affected by it.

“To be honest, the things that everyone said (online) did cause me to be afraid to leave the house for a period of time. It was hard to bear emotionally, and I didn’t dare to go online as well. But, I’ve since let it go, because that is (the meaning of) growth.”

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