On his 41st birthday, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming was full of gratitude, thanking his family for their care and support. 

In an online post that was only made available to his friends, the 41-year-old thanked his mother for raising him, as well as thanked his wife, Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy for taking care of their family and working at the same time. He also thanked her for silently making sacrifices for their family-of-three, and tolerating his immaturity. 

In the same post, Xiaoming also shared a couple of pictures of his son, nicknamed Little Sponge, on the basketball courts with him and his father.

In the pictures, the trio are dressed in matching red basketball jerseys, with Xiaoming and his father’s attention largely fixed on Little Sponge, who barely reaches up to their knees.

The picture of the 1-year-old delighted fans, as pictures of Little Sponge are hard to come by, with Xiaoming and Angelababy preferring to protect their son’s privacy. 

The couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding in 2015, and welcomed Little Sponge in January last year.

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Photos: PBE Media

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