Huang Xiaoming falls prey to internet celebrity’s excessive photo filters

The actor was virtually unrecognisable (even to himself).


Earlier this year, Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh’s cameo in an internet celebrity’s live stream went viral when the excessive photo filters applied by the internet celebrity drastically altered Charmaine’s face, surprising even the actress herself.

Now, it seems like Huang Xiaoming has become the next ‘victim’, although the internet celebrity in question is different. The Chinese actor guested in an online live stream with an internet celebrity recently, where he also fell prey to her overuse of photo filters.

Although the filters did not take effect on Xiaoming’s face when he first appeared, as he continued talking, the filters slowly began to alter his appearance. The actor’s complexion grew whiter, and he was given a pair of anime-like doe eyes, with a razor-sharp chin and lipstick to complete his look. 

Many fans lamented that the actor was virtually unrecognisable at that point, commenting that he looked like a drawing instead of a real person.

Xiaoming himself seemed taken aback by his appearance as well, immediately yelling out, “What is this? A demon [has appeared]!” when he caught sight of his altered appearance.


Photos: PBE Media

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