Huang Xiaoming criticised for no-show at son’s birthday party

“Even if your marriage is on the rocks, your child should not have to suffer.”

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Divorce rumours surrounding Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have been brewing for over a year despite the power couple’s best efforts to dispel them, and even with the paparazzi constantly being on their heels, the pair has managed to keep their son, nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’, away from prying eyes and tried to give their toddler the privacy that he needs.

However, Little Sponge has now become the centre of another controversy after it was revealed that Xiaoming was a no-show at his son’s third birthday party on January 17.

The actor was nowhere to be seen in photos snapped at the Ultraman-themed celebration that Angelababy shared on her Weibo account, sparking questions from netizens on what was so important that the actor couldn’t attend his only child’s birthday party.

In addition, he only posted his birthday wish to his son on social media a day after it happened, which further incensed netizens. “You’re three years old! I’ll always be your Ultraman,” he wrote.

One netizen commented, “Even if your marriage is on the rocks, your child should not have to suffer.” Others agreed, saying, “What’s the point of empty words promising to be his Ultraman if you can’t even make time to be with your son on such an important day?”

Fans tried to reason that Xiaoming could be dressed up as the Ultraman mascot at the party, but this possibility was quickly shot down by others who were present at the party, who shared that the mascot was a part-timer.

However, according to the latest reports, the photographer at the birthday birthday has stepped forward to clarify that it was indeed Xiaoming in the Ultraman costume, and that the actor had instructed everyone to take more pictures of his wife and son instead of him.

A media outlet also published a short clip of Xiaoming and Angelababy greeting guests at the hotel where Little Sponge’s birthday party was held, lending more credibility to the claims that he was present and putting a stop to those pesky divorce rumours once again.

Xiaoming and Angelababy tied the knot in 2015.

Photos: PBE Media

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