Hu Ge wants to get married after filming his latest movie

Fans are curious to know if this is his way of telling them that he's dating someone and hopes to get married soon.


Chinese actor Hu Ge attended an event promoting his latest movie, The Wild Goose Lake last Sunday (Dec 8), where he made a surprising declaration.

The 37-year-old has long been considered an eligible bachelor, with many wondering when he will settle down. When the actor was rumoured to have secretly registered his marriage to Chinese actress Zhang Leyun late last year, the gossip mill was sent into overdrive. The rumour was later denied by his management agency, but not before the actor’s name shot up on Weibo’s search rankings.

At the event promoting The Wild Goose Lake, Hu Ge discussed the plight of his character, Zhou Zenong, whom he described as “way too lonely”. After being released from prison, the character did not return home for five years, choosing instead to figure out how to live life independently.


Revealing that he felt just as lonely as his character after filming wrapped, Hu Ge admitted, “I might shock everyone by saying this, but after finishing the movie, I felt that I really wanted to get married.”

The 37-year-old's declaration elicited screams from his fans present, with some later going online to wonder if Hu Ge is currently in a stable relationship. Others also speculated if the actor’s declaration was a hint that he might just be tying the knot soon.

Photos: PBE Media

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