Hu Ge shares about life in America after leaving showbiz

Hu Ge made a rare public appearance at an event in Shanghai yesterday

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Chinese actor Hu Ge shocked everyone when he announced that he would be taking a two year break from acting to go back to school in America. The actor is currently studying at the language institute at San Jose University in California and has rarely shown his face ever since. However, he made an appearance yesterday at the ‘Change the Union Assembly’ in Shanghai, as an ambassador for a yogurt brand and took this opportunity to share about life in America.

The 34-year-old revealed that even though he does not do house chores often, he now has his culinary skills to make up for it. He claimed that he could now make salad, as it was a basic dish in America, and also had experience in cooking all styles of eggs. 

When asked which was his most memorable role out of all those he had played (such as Mei Changsu in Nirvana in Fire and Jian Tian in Chinese Paladin 3), he replied that Li Xiaoyao in Chinese Paladin ranked first as he felt both him and the character have similar personalities. Hu Ge also mentioned that it was this role that made him rise to stardom and opened the doors to many other opportunities.

Mei Changsu in Nirvana in Fire ranked second. The actor felt that he was fated to get this role as their identities were so interchangeable and identical that he could be himself even while playing the character. He revealed that playing this role also taught him a lot of skills that he could save for future use.

Hu Ge’s relationship status was also discussed yesterday and host Chen Chen revealed that Hu Ge had invited her to be the host of his wedding after witnessing her hosting at the opening of his restaurant. She playfully added that she would gladly wait until the day comes where he finds happiness and she would get the chance to do so.

Hu Ge also expressed how fortunate he was after recovering from his car accident back in 2007 which left him with severe injuries and having to undergo surgery. The entire healing process took approximately one year. He said that during this period, due to him being away from the limelight for that long, he was unsure of his next step. However, he knew that his fans were waiting for him and that he needed to show a better image of himself to present to them the Hu Ge they wanted, through the various roles he would portray.

Hu Ge will return back to school in America after the event but fans can be excited for his upcoming role in the drama Game of Hunting.

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Photos: PBE Media

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