Hu Ge posts touching tribute to his mother

The actor’s mother has reportedly passed away after a long battle with breast cancer


Chinese actor Hu Ge has consistently mentioned his mother during interviews, as the 36-year-old shared that she has strongly influenced his outlook on life.

However, he usually refrains from posting photos of her, which is why his post on April 24 took many by surprise. He included a photo of himself with his mother and captioned it with, “Dedicated to a lady who’s far away (now)”. Soon after, his friends began leaving comments assuring him that “auntie's in heaven now, don’t worry any more”.

In 2017, Hu Ge shared that his mum was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was five, and has been battling the cancer since then.

“My mum is a really brave and strong woman. Her positive and optimistic mindset, as well as the fearlessness and calmness she showed in the face of death has had a profound impact on my life,” the actor said.

Neither the actor nor his management agency has replied to queries regarding the reports, though it is rumoured that the memorial service for the actor’s mother had been held last month.

Photos: PBE Media

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