Hu Ge’s ex-girlfriend reveals why they parted ways

Maggie Jiang did not fancy the labels that came with being the girlfriend of Hu Ge

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Chinese actors Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang met on the set of idol drama series Go Goal Fighting!, fell in love and started dating. But this relationship, like most of Hu Ge’s past relationships, did not last long and they parted ways shortly after.

Back then, Hu Ge even expressed his regret via a post on Weibo, and openly spoke about their failed romance too. “[The relationship] received too much attention at that time, as a guy I lacked responsibility and did not protect her,” he said.

Four years after their breakup, Maggie finally let on the real reason behind it in the latest episode of To Be Honest, an internet variety series that she co-hosts with Kevin Tsai. The programme features a panel of rotating celebrity guests and explores the misconceptions or misunderstandings both men and women have about each other.

In the latest episode, Maggie was asked about her past relationship and what she had learned from an ex-boyfriend. Without mentioning names, the 32-year-old spoke about an “outstanding man” she once dated.

Netizens speculated that Maggie was referring to Hu Ge, although she did not name names, as he was already at the peak of his career while she was still an acting newb when they started dating, and their differing statuses was eventually what led to the breakup.

Although their relationship was not long-lasting, Maggie shared that she often thinks of him at work even after their separation as a form of reminder to herself. She wanted to learn and see things from his perspective and apply his philosophy in her daily life.

Despite his positive qualities, Maggie explained that she had conflicting emotions when they were dating as she “did not want to be an accessory [that accentuated him], or have a title.” She added that she worked very hard to shake off the labels that came with the relationship.

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