Hsu Nai-lin holds press conference to address claims of real estate fraud

The live press conference was interrupted by the alleged victims, who wanted to share their side of the story


Taiwanese host Hsu Nai-lin has found himself in hot soup after an anonymous construction company accused the 59-year-old of committing real estate fraud. According to the construction company, they purchased a luxury mansion from Nai-lin.

However, even after the construction company paid up, the host did not transfer the rights to the property over to them. It was then suspected that Nai-lin had no intentions of selling the mansion, and had committed real estate fraud. Reports estimate the amount involved in this case to be NT$80 million (S$3.5 million).

Following the reports, Nai-lin announced that he will be holding a press conference on May 22 to clear the air. During the press conference, Nai-lin shared that he had ample paperwork confirming that the sale of the luxury mansion to the construction company did not break the law. 

Revealing that the house originally cost NT$70 million (approximately S$3.06 million), Nai-lin added that the property had been sold to a construction company owned by Mr Cai for NT$69.4 million (approximately S$3.04 million). However, even though the rights to the property had been transferred to Mr Cai, Nai-lin had only received NT$2 million (approximately S$87 614) in payment. Therefore, it was Mr Cai who had breached their contract and committed fraud.

Soon after, however, Mr Cai, as well as a Miss Cao walked into the press conference venue to share their side of the story, accusing Nai-lin of lying. 

The duo, who came prepared with call logs and documents, shared that they also had a voice recording documenting Nai-lin’s involvement in illegal gambling. They also shared that they had a witness with them, who had confessed that Nai-lin owed her NT$3 million (S$131,000). Taken aback, all Nai-lin could do was to repeatedly question the duo, asking, “Did I borrow money from you?”

In 2017, Nai-lin was reported to be involved in a similar case, where his residence in Neihu, Taiwan had been converted into an illegal gambling den. When asked about the case at a recent media appearance, he had replied, “That was two years ago, neither the police nor the courts have called me up (about it), what else can I say?"

Mr Cai also shared that he had been watching a live-stream of Nai-lin’s press conference, when he heard the host accuse him of defaulting on payments. As a result, he decided to rush down to the venue to share his side of the story. Mr Cai was then cut off by Nai-lin, who expressed that this was his press conference, restricting Mr Cai and Miss Cao from speaking. Describing them as the “guilty parties who are the first to accuse others of wrongdoing”, Nai-lin then ended the press conference.

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