Filming for upcoming martial arts period drama Chinatown has finally come to an end, and a wrap party was held in Hong Kong on May 29 with many of its stars in attendance.

Natalie Tong admitted that she was feeling reluctant to part with the cast and crew, after seeing them almost every day for half a year. Elaine Yiu, who sustained many injuries and even suffered from skin allergies during the shoot, happily reported that she has already completely recovered, and that she was looking forward to going out for drinks with her co-stars that night.

Celebrity couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan recently held a party to celebrate their son Rafael’s 100th day, and Natalie was one of the guests at the event. The actress shared that she was forced to overcome her fear of holding babies when she was there.

“I really didn’t want to carry Rafael, but Kevin insisted and kept handing him over to me, so I had no choice,” she laughed. “I know everyone said that I looked very stiff, so I will keep practising in order to improve myself.”

Elaine, who has been involved in a number of unflattering rumours and scandals lately, took some time to share her thoughts. “Just because I am silent, does not mean that I am afraid or guilty,” she stated. “I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and I do not owe any explanation to those who would never believe me anyway.”

Photos: TPG

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