How Do Our Stars React When People Take Pics Of Them Secretly?

"I took out my phone and pretended that I was taking a photo of them too."

Elvin Ng recently got paparazzi-ed by fans while he was dining in an eatery in KL. But he isn't alone. We speak to other star to find out their own experiences of people snapping pics of them on the sly. 

Andie Chen
“It happens quite often. When you’re an artiste, sometimes, people forget that you’re human too (laughs). It doesn’t feel too good lah. On a good day, I don’t mind. But if I’m having a bad day, it makes me feel worse. Sometimes, I get fans who hug me without my consent, or get really close to me. There were a few who even touched my butt. When that happens, I just move away. I think fans getting physical is one of the top most uncomfortable experiences for an artiste, even more so than people taking photos without permission.”

andie chen

Ian Fang
“There were a few times when I saw people taking photos of me without asking and I’d say to them, “Yes, may I help you?” Once, many years ago, I saw some people taking photos of me secretly. So I took out my phone and pretended that I was taking a photo of them too just for fun. They felt very paiseh and walked away.”

ian fang

Jayley Woo
"Usually, I don’t notice anyone taking photos until they’re tagged to my social media platforms. I regret to say this but as an artiste, privacy is the last thing you can ask for. You can only pray that they’re kind enough to give you your own space. So I thank those who are nice in advance."

jayley woo

Quan Yifeng
“I don’t usually notice people taking photos of me until my companions point them out. If I’m eating, then I’ll be extra careful not to take too big a mouthful of food (laughs). If I don’t want to be photographed ’cos, say, I’m feeling unwell, I’d shield my face or change position [so that my back is facing them]. Sometimes, I’ll pose to let them know that I know I’m being photographed and to take a better-looking photo of me. I think artistes are less concerned about having their photos taken secretly than looking bad in them! (Laughs)

quan yifeng

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