Hongkong actress Yammie Lam was found dead at her home early this morning (Nov 3). She was 55.

Yammie’s death was reportedly discovered after her friend, whom reports identified as a Miss Lui, visited her home in Ma Hang Estate at Hongkong’s Stanley district and became alarmed that Yammie did not answer the doorbell despite her television set being on.

Miss Lui then called the police, who broke into the apartment and discovered Yammie’s decomposing body on the floor. She had reportedly been dead for about two days. While the police ruled out foul play, they could not confirm her cause of death.

Prior to Yammie’s passing, the troubled ’80s TVB star had been struggling with mental health issues for decades. She was also said to be taking prescription drugs to battle her mental illness, which had side effects on her nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Best known for starring alongside Stephen Chow in A Chinese Odyssey, and TVB dramas such as The Greed of Man and Looking Back in Anger, Yammie’s mental decline apparently began after a series of failed relationships. She was devastated when her DJ boyfriend of three years committed suicide in 1986, and her subsequent relationship with a wealthy Hongkong scion fell apart when he cheated on her. She had also refused to commit to a long-term contract with TVB, which led to the TV network putting her acting career on hold.