Charlene Choi isn’t the only Hongkong actress dating a billionaire businessman. Former TVB actress Bernice Liu, whom you may remember starred as a feisty mum in Ch 5 drama Lion Mums, has been romancing businessman Calvin Lo. Calvin, 40, is reportedly a successful investor and his family owns several businesses, ranging from insurance to wineries. What’s more, Calvin counts popular Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh as one of his clients. The Lo family owns several properties in Hongkong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, England and Canada, including a HK$80 million (S$13 mil) home in Hongkong’s Peak Gardens area. Calvin himself lives in a HK$40 million (S$6.6 mil) mansion. 

According to an Oriental Daily reader, Calvin recently paid a visit to a French winery and splurged a whopping 200 million euros (S$323mil) on champagne. The reader revealed that Calvin is actually that winery’s biggest champagne buyer and collector in Asia. Calvin, who has a daughter with his ex-wife, is reportedly a huge investor in vineyards and is a mover and shaker in the wine industry. He’s also the CEO of life insurance company, R.E. Lee International. 

Bernice and Calvin reportedly met at a charity function and hit it off quickly. Last November, the couple was spotted behaving intimately in a restaurant. The pair had reportedly drank a significant amount of red wine, before kissing and hugging each other, oblivious to the presence of other diners. Last month, the couple was also spotted vacationing in Finland. It seems that Bernice and Calvin have a lot in common. Like Calvin, Bernice also has a passion for fine wine. And the 39-year-old Canadian-born actress herself is a savvy businesswoman — she owns a boutique winery, a bar and a smokehouse restaurant business.

When asked about Calvin’s extravagant splurge, Bernice said that she has never asked her boyfriend about his businesses, but that she’s aware that he's a frequent wine buyer. “I don’t know how many [bottles of champagne Calvin] bought,” she said. “I’m not sure if it’s all for himself or just to invest. Prices for different types of champagne varies. So it’s hard to say how much one bottle costs.” As for her relationship with her new flame, Bernice said that although both of them are very busy, Calvin treats her very well. Guess it's time for Bernice to pop the champagne then. 

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