Hongkong celeb couple Michael Miu, 61, and Jaime Chik, 58, are household names in Hongkong so it wasn’t much of a surprise when it was reported that the couple’s daughter, Phoebe Miu was invited by TVB to compete in their Miss Hongkong pageant a few years back.

However, Phoebe, who was studying in Canada at that time, turned down the invitation as she wanted to focus on her work as a photographer and cinematographer.

Fast forward a few years, and Phoebe is making waves in both Canada and Hollywood, having joined showbiz as an actress after all. According to her IMDb profile, the 29-year-old started acting in 2015, after graduating from university. 

Since then, she has appeared in a number of short films and dramas, including a role in Upload, an Amazon web series. 

Other works include Get Shorty, as well as the movies Parabola, Die In A Gunfight, and The Past Never Dies.

She recently filmed upcoming short film, Blink:Alpha which will include a number of action scenes.

So, why didn't Phoebe want to start her showbiz career in Hongkong first? As it turns out, Michael has the answer to that question.

In a recent interview, the 61-year-old actor revealed that Phoebe “doesn't want to be known as 'Michael Miu’s daughter’" by the general public. Thus, she decided to carve out a career for herself in Hollywood instead. Phoebe herself also once expressed apprehension at the thought of acting alongside Michael, when asked about it during an interview.

“I don’t really want to collaborate with him, because [I want to] make a distinction between my public and personal lives. He is popular, but he’s also my daddy, which makes it different,” she said.

Photos: Phoebe Miu/Instagram, Michael Miu/Instagram​​​​​​​