Simon Yam, Gigi Leung, Him Law, Charlie Young, Roger Kwok, Angela Yuen and more attended the lensing ceremony for their new film Little Q in Hong Kong on November 16. They were joined by the dogs that also star with them in the movie.

Simon, who plays a blind man, admitted that there were a lot of difficulties on set because of many factors that could not be controlled. "There was one scene that I had to shoot 48 times," he recalled, adding that he would bring each of the dogs home with him for two weeks to get to know them better.

Gigi revealed that none of the humans had body doubles, but because they were worried that the dogs would get tired, there were eight substitutes. "We treated them like distinguished guests!" she laughed, before turning serious. "I really hope that the visually impaired will get more help and attention from the public."

When asked if she found working with children or dogs harder, Charlie said, "I've worked with children several times before and I have two sons of my own, so I have more experience with kids. This was my first time working with dogs, but they are well-trained and obedient. In fact, it was us human actors that had to learn to pay more attention! Sometimes, the dogs were smarter than us."

Him, who spent two months learning to become an animal trainer, reported that the most interesting part was cleaning up the dogs' waste. He also said that he would love to adopt more pet dogs if his wife Tavia Yeung agrees. As for when they plan to have kids of their own, Him laughed and said, "I will work hard in the day, and I will work hard at night!"

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