Hong Kong actor Hugo Wong revealed to have solicited for sex

This comes after the Hong Kong actor admitted to having sex with a fan

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Things are looking worse and worse for Hong Kong actor Hugo Wong, who was first accused of getting a fan pregnant and cutting her off afterwards. Although he admitted to having sex with the woman, known to the media as Michelle, he insisted that he had worn a condom and only had intercourse with her once, rather than the twice that she claimed.

After the news made the headlines, his image has been hard hit, which has led to rumours of him being put on the bench by TVB, where he is currently signed to.

However, the latest reveal by a fellow celebrity has made matters worse as Hong Kong singer TikChi, who is known for having an enviable figure, claimed that he had solicited for sex from her. She explained that they have known each other for over a decade and were platonic friends. However, after she released her music video for 'Yi Lian Tuo Sheng', which consists of sexually suggestive themes, Hugo allegedly started sending her "strange" texts.

These texts included trying to get her to have sex with him on at least three occasions. In the messages revealed, Hugo asked TikChi to go to his house to "service" him in February 2017. She responded that she would only do so for her boyfriend, but he insisted that all he wanted was to "talk, and hug (you) tight".

TikChi went on to reject his advances, saying that all she wanted is a boyfriend. He responded with, "But I don't need a girlfriend", and TikChi then put her foot down with "That's why I'm not suitable for you. I think it's better for you to try someone else."

His response was a short "F*** u, bye (sic)", and she claimed that they no longer keep in touch.

The singer also claimed that he had tried to come up with an excuse to go to visit her house, and only managed to rid herself of his unwanted advances when she told him that she has no interest in having a sex partner.

At press time, Hugo has yet to respond to these accusations.

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Hugo Wong admits to sleeping with fan

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