HK designer blasts actress for not thanking him after receiving two wedding dresses for free

Netizens believe that the actress in question is Christine Kuo.


Hong Kong designer Kev Yiu, who previously ran a bridal boutique business with Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, made a post on his Facebook and Instagram accounts on December 16 ranting about a female celebrity who had requested for a free wedding dress from him.

According to Kev, the celebrity had requested for his team to design two dresses for her wedding last year. Although they were busy with other orders at that time, his team still made sure to rush out two gowns in the style that the celebrity had wanted.

During the final fitting, the celebrity seemed to be pleased with the dresses, and expressed her satisfaction before leaving. However, on the day of her wedding, she only wore one of the two dresses she had asked for.

Apart from that, she did not credit Kev for designing the dress, and told the media that she had designed the dress instead. She also did not send any photos of her in the dress over to Kev.

Kev then shared that he had even heard of this celebrity client complaining about the dress to her friends, declaring that the dresses are “garbage”. She supposedly went on to say that both dresses were nothing like she had imagined, which was why she refused to credit him for the dresses, as she did not want to “promote the designer”.


Kev acknowledged that as he had heard this information through the grapevine, it’s inevitable that the celebrity’s words might have been slightly twisted.

“However, if you sincerely felt that way, why didn’t you just refuse to wear my ‘garbage’ dress? Alternatively, you could have just told me that you didn’t like it, rather than to make yourself out to be a victim after making use of everyone’s efforts for free,” he wrote.

Although he did not explicitly name the celebrity in his post, he hinted that she is a former TVB artiste. When a netizen commented with a picture from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, asking if his post was related to it, Kev replied that he had suggested that the celebrity in question should make her dress champagne instead of bright yellow.

After seeing Kev’s response, netizens began to suspect that the designer was talking about former TVB actress Christine Kuo, who tied the knot in a fairytale-themed wedding with professional racer William Lok last year.


When reached for a comment, Christine’s manager clarified that Myolie originally reached out to Christine to offer her a sponsored dress for her wedding. However, as Myolie quit the bridal business in mid-2018, the arrangements for the dress were left to others.

“Ms. Kuo finds this issue rather baffling,” Christine’s manager responded. “She doesn't understand why this has become an issue. She didn’t want to respond at first, but she doesn’t want this issue to snowball.”

“Christine wouldn’t have worn the dress during her wedding if she didn’t like it,” the manager added.

Kev later deleted the posts and updated his Facebook page with another statement on December 21. He shared that he did not expect his initial post to gain so much attention, and urged the public to focus on other more newsworthy events instead.

Photos: PBE Media, Kev Yiu/Facebook

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